Everyone in the digital age has fallen victim to a bad photo being taken of them — yep, even celebrities. For us average folk, it’s pretty easy to make sure the pic gets deleted. If someone dares to post an unattractive shot of you on, say, Facebook, you still have the option to untag it and threaten your best friend with an equally awful candid if they don’t get rid of it ASAP. Unfortunately, when you’re famous that’s an actual luxury.

Stars like Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, and Chrissy Tiegen typically look flawless — even in their sweatpants with no makeup on — but they’ve still fallen victim to some pretty unfortunate stills. They’re the types of candids your friend captures when she takes a ton of bursts on your phone. Ya know, the ones you laugh about for years or delete immediately because it should not exist. 

If it were up to these celebrities, these pics would be untagged and erased immediately.