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Get to Know the Season 7 Cast of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ and Their Husbands!

The OG's of VH1’s hit reality TV series Basketball Wives are returning for Season 7 and even though these ladies were better known as their husbands’ wives, they’re definitely stars in their own right now. All of the fan-favorite cast members are set to return, which means a lot of old drama will be dug up and original star Jackie Christie teased what’s to come in a promo interview ahead of tonight’s season premiere.

"Season 6 left off [with] a lot of unanswered questions," Jackie told VH1. "Is Malaysia substance-less or not? Me and Shaunie’s friendship, Jennifer questioning my motherhood [when] she doesn’t have any kids. Did Evelyn donate out of the kindness of her heart or was she trying to start some trouble in my family?"

Fans can expect Season 7 to start back up where it left off and fans will get some closure to a lot of these storylines, and Jackie teased that this season just might leave off with a happy ending. "It’s definitely a lot of ups and downs with our friendships. It’s a bunch of women together, it’s cattiness, it’s jealousy, it’s envy, it’s shade all the time," Jackie continued. "Before you know it, it’s a battle and once the battle comes, it just turns into a blaze. But we remain sisters through it all, we understand that this is like a family — it’s a dysfunctional family, but we keep it real."

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