Just because it’s been over six years since Bella Thorne’s role as dancer extraordinaire CeCe Jones came to an end, doesn’t mean that the actress has lost her moves! So much so, that Bella, 21, took to Instagram on August 4, to show off her mad ballet skills with fans. “Sundays Fundays. ‘She’s shaking it up,’” the bombshell captioned the video.

Oh, and of course, we can’t forget to mention the fact that Bella was rocking *the tiniest* bikini in the clip. With that, we’re hardly surprised to see how many people flocked to Bella’s post to share words of praise. We mean, come on, she looks bomb! “You’re so freakin’ beautiful!” one user gushed. “Wow! This is actually so cute, Bella,” added another. A third person chimed in with, “Stunning inside and out! Such an amazing free spirit,” while a fourth echoed, “That body is unreal.”

Beyond just looking great, we’re relieved to see that Bella is in such good spirits. After all, last we heard from the former Disney Channel star, she was having some relationship struggles. Basically, Bella publicly called out ex-girlfriend and bestie Tana Mongeau for stepping out to dinner with her ex-boyfriend Mod Sun.

“Tana and I are no longer good. She broke girl code. I’m over it,” Bella tweeted on July 17. Unfortunately, that led to some awkward sparring between the ladies over social media. “Imagine taking every time you’re mad at me to Twitter, but then telling people how much you care about me … WTF is this, B?” Tana, 21, replied, to which Bella clapped back with, “You legit started dating me for Twitter. How about you answer your phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter.”

See what we mean? Pretty intense stuff. Since then, however, Tana has alluded to a reconciliation. Perhaps that’s why Bella is all smiles and dance moves these days! Here’s hoping. *Inserts fingers crossed emoji.* 

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