For health and wellness enthusiasts, there is exciting news from Bellabeat, the data-centered femtech company that focuses on women’s health and wellness. The company’s best-selling Ivy health and wellness trackers are now available at Target and Best Buy, which means women nationwide, especially those in California and Florida, can easily access this innovative product.


Founded in 2014, Bellabeat has quickly become the go-to wellness brand for women worldwide, and its Ivy health and wellness tracker is one of the most fashionably designed and tech-powered wellness products on the market. With its success, Bellabeat has been able to expand to international markets and kickstart industry discussions on the importance of innovation in the design and development of tech products.

At the core of the company’s mission is understanding and improving women’s health, focusing on the menstrual cycle. That’s where the Ivy & Bellabeat Wellness Coach app come in. The Ivy tracker is an all-in-one wellness device that tracks your daily activity, sleep, and stress levels. It is designed to be worn 24/7, thanks to its stylish and comfortable design. By combining personalized programs delivered through Bellabeat Wellness Coach app and cycle input with sensor technology, the Ivy tracker gives women the tools to understand their bodies daily, receive actionable advice, and see the change for themselves. By delivering timely and appropriate guidance on the different stages of the menstrual cycle, each individual user’s unique bio-responses, and lifestyle, the Ivy tracker helps women work with their bodies to achieve their wellness goals.

Now available at Target and Best Buy, it is easier than ever for women to take control of their health & wellness.

Bellabeat’s Ivy tracker is a game-changer in the world of wellness. With its personalized programs and user-friendly design, it’s no wonder that the Ivy has become one of the best-selling wellness devices on the market. And now, with its availability at Best Buy and Target, it’s easier than ever for women to get their hands on this revolutionary device.

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian