Have you ever been jealous of a 3-year-old’s curly hair? Because we certainly have! Blac Chyna’s daughter, Dream Kardashian, has one seriously enviable mane. With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with Chyna to get the full scoop on her baby girl’s hair care routine, including what products she uses on Dream!

“As far as Dreamy’s hair, I think that she gets the curliness from me, but the texture from her dad,” the longtime reality TV star said, referring to her ex Rob Kardashian. “But it’s pretty easy. I just wash it, condition it and it just grows out. She’s three … so, it’s not really hard to maintain her curls.”

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“I use Redken and I use a different organic shampoo, but I try not to wash her hair every day so it doesn’t fall out,” Chyna advised. “Another thing that I do — all of her pillows are satin because cotton, it dries out your hair, but the satin pillows, it keeps the moisture.”

Given how lush Dream’s hair always looks, we will most definitely be taking Chyna’s advice to heart (or wherever satin pillowcases are sold, for that matter). In addition to Dreamy’s princess-like ‘do, she’s also quite the fashionista.

Dream Kardashian Best Style Moments
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“She’ll let you know if she doesn’t want to wear something,” Chyna revealed of her stylish toddler. “She’ll pick it out, she knows how to match up colors, all that. She’ll let me know.”

Currently, Dream’s favorite outfit is her Ryan’s Review pajamas. “She doesn’t want to take it off,” Chyna laughed. “I’m like, ‘Dream, you’ve got to take it off!'” We get it, little lady. Pajamas are the new black! 

“She’s kind of like a tomboy,” Chyna added. “But still girly at the same time. I think that’s like me, too. It’s like I’m either super dressed up or I’m super dressed down.”

To hear more about Chyna and Dream, be sure to watch the exclusive video interview above.

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