Good looks really do run in the family!

We’ve unearthed a young photo of actor Jon Voight (also known as Angelina Jolie’s father) and couldn’t help but notice the resemblance he shares with his 8-year-old granddaughter, Shiloh.

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The photo on the left is of the young girl at the premiere of her mother Angie’s movie Maleficent in May. On the right, a 30-year-old Jon’s on set of the film The Revolutionary in 1969.

Thick blonde hair, full lips and even the collared shirt — she really is taking after her grandpa!

shiloh jolie pitt and jon voight

“Shiloh’s an amazing person,” he said in 2010 when the little lady was just 4-years-old. “I look at the way she dresses and she has a style! And she’s only 4-years-old! I’m going, ‘What!?’”

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He continued, “Shiloh’s hysterically funny, one of the goofiest, most playful people you’ll ever meet. …Goofy and verbal, the early signs of a performer.”

shiloh jolie pitt and jon voight

From left: Pax, Brad, Angie, Zahara, Knox, Shiloh and Maddox

Of course, Jon also loves Angie and Brad’s five other kids — Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 9, and 5-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne — just as much.

shiloh jolie pitt and jon voight

Vivienne in *Maleficent

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“I’m thinking about each child and how each is so different, one from the other, and how much fun I have with each of them,” the now 75-year-old Oscar-winner says. “When I see them I try to spend special time with each of them.”