Well, this is freaky! Instagrammer and beauty enthusiast Sydney Nicole, who goes by @voodoobarbiedoll on Instagram, totally shook the Internet when she posted a pic of herself looking almost identical to a Bratz doll! You know, those toys with the huge eyes, tiny noses, and larger-than-life pout?! Well, with the help of makeup, Sydney transformed herself into a living doll. Watch the video below to get a closer look at the insane transformation!

“This look is definitely a learning curve,” she wrote in the caption of her tutorial. “It brought back so many memories, though! Who was your favorite Bratz doll? I think mine was Jade, for sure!” People were quick to express their shock and awe over her incredible talent. “Beautiful work!!! Just found your channel and can’t stop watching!” one person wrote. Another added, “You did so good!! I love it.” This trend has been making the rounds in the beauty community. Sydney said she was inspired to do the look by @promisetamang, who posted a pic of her version back in October.

“When I was little, Bratz Dolls were my s–t,” Sydney says in her vid. “I had a whole walk-in closet and I literally had most of the shelves and a huge tub filled with Bratz Dolls…I had so many, I had every Bratz Doll, I had the cars, I and the furniture, I had the clothes.” The look clearly turned out amazing and received so much attention that even beauty guru Huda Kattan had to comment. “WOW so talented!” she wrote. We couldn’t agree more!