Look, we'll admit that we have trouble keeping away from carbs, but Instagram famous Bread Face jumps into that obsession head first — literally. The anonymous creator of Bread Face Blog is a shining beacon of Peak Internet, gaining fame for face-planting into bread. Like, literally, that's it. It sounds absurd (because OMFG it's smushing your face into kaiser rolls) but with over 200,000 followers, she must be doing something right. Watch our video above to witness the strange world of bread facing

Not a lot is known about the secretive Bread Face. We know that she's 27-years-old, she's a copywriter, and she's based in Brooklyn, because of course, she is. And we know, frighteningly enough, that she's inspired enough individuals to get a #breadfacing hashtag going.

So the million dollar question is, why would anyone repeatedly smash their head into brioche? There's definitely a disturbingly gratifying ASMR aspect to her shorts, but mostly, it's just for fun. "It makes people laugh," Bread Face once revealed in a 2015 Maxim interview. "Also, I just can't imagine anyone outright hating it. I mean, the worst reaction is to roll your eyes and scoff at the Internet but even then, you'll probably still queue up another one." Yeah, ok, we kind of get that.

…JK, that definitely isn't a satisfying answer to why someone repeatedly smashes their head into brioche. Suffice to say, we don't entirely get it, but good on Bread Face because we definitely can't look away. Watch our video above to see Bread Face take on everything from croissants to campagne