It appears women nowadays are giving a "behind" the scenes look at a wedding day — literally.

A new trend has gone viral thanks to a bunch of bridesmaids and a handful of brides.

So what's that trend? In six images found on, six different groups of bridesmaids are not wearing the same dresses or even posing in similar settings — but they are, in fact, lifting up their gowns and baring the butts.

We thought we'd never live to see the day where a bride was all, like, "How will I truly remember one of the greatest days of my life? Oh, that's right! Ladies, start doing your squats and be prepared to flash your bare posterior."

Hey, when the bride has kids one day, we're sure they'll love to see mom and her best pals flashing their bums.

Scroll through to see the photo trend that's taking (some) weddings by storm.