Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 2 of Bridgerton.

The highly anticipated second season of Shonda Rhimes‘ Bridgerton is finally here, and with it, a new slow-burn romance to obsess over: Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma.

At first, it appeared as though Anthony, played by actor Jonathan Bailey, would end up with Kate’s younger sister, Edwina Sharma. However, through a series of twists, turns and undeniable passion, Anthony and Kate, played by actress Simone Bailey, got their happily ever after.

Do Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sharma End Up Together on Season 2 of ‘Bridgerton’? See Spoilers!
Liam Daniel/Netflix

Of course, just like with season 1’s Daphne Bridgerton and Simon Bassett, a.k.a. The Duke, their love story was complicated. When Anthony and Kate first met, they immediately disliked one another. That said, if you’re an especially intuitive viewer, you could tell there was some (OK, a lot) of sexual tension, especially on Anthony’s part.

Due to Kate’s age and station, she wasn’t looking for a husband. Instead, she was in London helping Edwina, played by actress Charithra Chandran, find a suitor. After Edwina was named the season’s “diamond” by Queen Charlotte, every man wanted to court her, Anthony included.

While Anthony did seem to enjoy Edwina’s company, his pursuit clearly bothered Kate, which inevitably pleased him. Edwina could sense that Anthony and Kate “didn’t like each other” and pushed them to spend more time together. As a result, their connection became clearer: Anthony and Kate were in love.

Even so, Anthony felt it was his responsibility to see things through with Edwina. He proposed to her, she accepted and Queen Charlotte, played by actress Golda Rosheuvel, even threw them an over-the-top wedding. On the day of the ceremony, Edwina discovered Kate’s true feelings for Anthony and vice versa.

After the wedding is called off — Edwina said she simply changed her mind, and the guests were none the wiser — Anthony and Kate share an intense kiss. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for them to realize they should be together.

Kate felt awful for lying to her sister and Anthony didn’t necessarily believe in marrying for love, or even that he was capable of love. Despite their stubbornness, the twosome couldn’t stay away from each other.

After one steamy night together, Kate and Anthony still refused to acknowledge their blossoming romance — we weren’t kidding about the slow burn — and they attempted to bury their feelings once more.  It’s not until episode 10 that Kate and Anthony stop fighting their feelings for each other and end up together. Moreover, Edwina forgave them both for their betrayal.

By the end of season 2, Kate and Anthony are married.