With all of these new reboots and revivals lately, we would like to nominate a show for a comeback! The Tyra Banks Show ran for 265 episodes from 2005-2011, and it was hands-down the most iconic talk show that has ever existed. And yes, that includes The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Perfect Is Boring author proved that despite being the world's most famous supermodel, she' still down-to-earth, relatable, and hilarious, which lead to raw interviews with major celebs, crazy stunts, and touching moments. Just by taking a walk down memory lane, you'll see why we need to bring this supreme daytime TV back to the masses, ASAP!

"I have five women on this stage, but between them, they have 10 vaginas."

Tyra was bold and fearless when it came to discussing the taboo, especially when it had to do with womens' health. She didn't sugar coat things, so when she started an episode by saying "I have five women on this stage, but between them, they have 10 vaginas," we knew we were in for something wild. And TBH, we learned a lot. These ladies had a vaginal septum, which meant they had either side-by-side cavities or one on top and one on the bottom. Luckily, the women had a sense of humor about the whole thing, and were very open and honest. One lady said that her husband "actually took my virginity on the left side," and Tyra's face was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.

Tyra straight-up asked Kim Kardashian if she was "down with the chocolate brothers."

Keeping Up with the Kardashians first aired in 2007, and less than a year later, Kim, Kourt, and Khloé appeared on The Tyra Banks Show. At the time, Kim was with Reggie Bush, and Tyra said "are you down with the chocolate brothers?" While Kim said "I'm down with whoever's a nice guy," Khloé quickly chimed in saying "I'm down with the chocolate brothers!" Here we are a decade later, and it's still true!

When Tyra did a live sonogram of her boobs to prove they were real.

The Tyra Banks Show was a direct line of communication between Tyra and her fans, so when people kept speculating that she had fake breasts, she was like "nah," and went to extremes to prove she's au naturale. “I’m tired of this rumor. It’s something that’s followed me forever,” she said. “By no means am I saying a breast implant is a bad thing, but it’s not a choice that I made. It’s something that a lot of the public thinks that I have, and that’s so frustrating for me.”

That's when she brought out Dr. Garth Fisher from ABC’s Extreme Makeover. He performed a touch test and then did a full sonogram before declaring: “Tyra Banks has natural breasts; there are no implants.” So iconic!

Remember when Tyra dove deep into the intricacies of vampire culture?


Back when Twilight was taking over the world, Tyra wanted to learn about real-life people living as vampires. So she did "a special Tyra Show vampire investigation" with a "Vampire Emporer" named Don who actually drank blood. She asked him about his habits, sex life, religion… everything! By the end, we honestly thought the guy was pretty cool.

Before he became president, Barack Obama tried shooting hoops on Tyra's talk show.

In 2007, the man first known as Senator Obama stopped by for a chat with Tyra. She asked him how he keeps in shape, which he revealed was by exercising an hour a day no matter what, and playing hoops. The duo played some one-on-one, and Tyra may very well have helped his chances of becoming president when she urged voters to get out to the polls. "I want to make a personal reach to everyone out there," she said. "Make sure you take your opportunity to make your voice be heard."

Tyra legit brought a 22-year-old girl trying to auction off her virginity face-to-face with a creepy 59-year-old man bidding on it.

Tyra did some amazing human interest stories, but the craziest was probably when she found a girl that was selling her virginity. After questioning her reasoning, Tyra brought out a weird 59-year-old man that had bid on the 22-year-old. "You look like my accountant!" screamed Tyra, also saying he looked like he could be the girl's "grandfather." Tyra never held back her thoughts, so she let the female guest have it: "I'll be honest, when I first heard this story I thought, she's doing this for attention, getting on talk shows, writing books. I thought your intention was more for attention and press than money, that's what I thought."

Oh, and remember when Ty asked Rihanna if Beyonce pushed her down the stairs?

When Rihanna was a guest on Ty's show, she had a broken toe. Tyra legit aked her if Beyonce did it, because there had been rumors. Rihanna said no, and that, "It actually gets annoying sometimes. I actually thought it was funny but now it gets frustrating, she is one of the sweetest women I've ever met." Then Tyra had the guts to ask if Rihanna had dated Jay-Z, which had been a rumor for quite some time. "Not at all! He's my mentor, he gives me great advice," Rih said.

Then there's this girl that thought she could tell someone was a rapist by looking at them, and TyTy went OFF!

Tyra has always been a huge advocate for women, so when one girl claimed that she could tell if a guy was a rapist or murderer just by looking at them, Tyra put together some experiments to prove she was wrong. Despite failing, the girl still didn't get the message. "You think that every woman who has been murdered that has been on a date is a dummy?" asked Tyra, before telling Dr. Gary to "go at her!" "The 'it can't happen to me' syndrome is actually a real problem, attackers go after people that have that that are unaware and unsuspecting. If you think it can't happen to me, you're next in line," he insisted. Segments like this made a real effort to keep girls safe, and we learned so much from them.

When Tyra made her whole audience wear massive fake boobs.

Tyra was all about helping women understand and support each other, and in one episode, she showed them all what it would be like to have massive fake boobs. The video is hilarious, but it also taught us a lot about plastic surgery, breast implants, reductions, and more.

Last but not least, time Tyra told the world to "Kiss my fat ass!"

This is perhaps the most memorable, some might say "iconic" moment to date. Tyra had a "Kim Kardashian in Mexico" moment years before Kimmy flaunted her cellulite. When the unflattering swimsuit pic hit the stands, she confronted the rude comments head-on. "If i had lower self esteem I would probably be starving myself right now," she said. "I have something to say to all of you that have something nasty to say about me or women that look like me. Kiss my fat ass!" It was a beautifully raw speech, between her voice cracking and tears welling in her eyes, and it became one of the most famous moments ever from the show. The world needs more like it!