America's Next Top Model is back and better than ever! Tyra Banks has reclaimed her throne on the panel of judges for Cycle 24, and she made some big changes on the Jan. 9 premiere!

"Celebrate beauty in all of us," she tweeted. "All colors. All shapes. All sizes. All smizes. This is why the boss is back." The show wants to celebrate all women, and they mean it. Which is why they did away with the traditional age limit for the new season! In the past, women needed to be between the ages of 18-27, but no more! One of the lucky girls vying for a spot on this season was even a grandmother! That's not all that's changed. Here's everything you need to know!

ANTM has the most diverse cast ever!

On top of having a grandmother, the show is chock full of diversity. Jeana Turner has alopecia, so of course Tyra is going to want her to rock her bald head! Christina Anderson-McDonald and Khrystyana Kazakova took advantage of the age limit change, being 34 and 32 years old. Khrystyana is also a curvy body activist and Ivana Thomas is plus-sized as well. The girls are even politically diverse with 20-year-old Liberty Netuschil being an outspoken Trump supporter.

ANTM has new judges.

Well, if you stopped watching when Tyra left. Model Ashley Graham, Paper Mag creative Director Drew Elliott, and celebrity style Law Roach will be sitting by Tyra's side judging the budding models. If you didn't watch the season hosted by Rita Ora then you may not recognize them, but Cycle 24 will actually be all of their second season as part of the cast on the show.

Anyone can get eliminated, anytime!

For Cycle 24, Tyra announced that girls aren't only on the chopping block during eliminations. Any contestant can get sent home at any time, and we can already picture makeover meltdowns, bad backstage attitudes, and dramatic diva outbursts being perfect opportunities for Tyra to ax someone at random. Bring it on!