It’s no secret that Britney Spears‘ boyfriend Sam Asghari’s often cooks for her. Now, we finally know that one of her favorite dishes is her beau’s signature peach steak, which actually isn’t that difficult to make.

The 25-year-old revealed exactly how he puts the dish together in an exclusive clip The Doctors released on Monday, September 9. Before showing off his skills in the kitchen, Sam offered a tip to viewers. “Gentlemen, if you want some props, definitely cook for your girl,” he said. Considering the couple have been going strong for over two years, Sam seems to know what he’s talking about.

From there, he confessed that before he was a personal trainer, he was a “cook back in high school.” He added, “I used to cook almost 300 meals a day. A lot of it was steak. So that’s why I love steak.”

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Then, he finally walked the audience through each step of making the dish, which consists of filet steak, asparagus, grass-fed butter and peaches. “So usually, I put grass-fed butter [on the pan],” he said. “So you let it sit for a little bit, and then while you’re doing that, you get the pepper. If you’re a good chef, you don’t need more than pepper and salt on steak.”

“You press it down, you get the salt, and then you …” he said, while pouring salt the way Salt Bae does. “Once it sizzles down, you grab the steak, press it down and you let for it to sizzle. And then you do the same thing over it.” Before he finished cooking, he “threw” some peaches on the steak. By the look on everyone’s face who took a bite of the unique dish, it came out delicious.

The couple, who met in October 2016, made things official in January 2017, according to what the handsome stud told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on September 4. Sparks instantly flew between them when they met on the set of her music video for “Slumber Party,” which Brit selected him to star in based on photos she saw.

Now, nearly three years since their first encounter, Brit and Sam seem happier than ever. They have mutual things in common like their passion for food and exercise, which Sam couldn’t help but gush over. “She inspires me on a daily basis when she works out,” Sam said during his appearance on The Doctors.

Aw, how sweet!