If Britney Spears didn’t know the difference between Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, would you hold it against her?

The 35-year-old made the unfortunate mistake of confusing the two pop stars while discussing last month’s bombing at Ariana’s Manchester concert in an interview with an Israeli TV show.

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The “Slumber Party” singer — who is gearing up for her first-ever concert in Tel Aviv on Saturday, July 1 — was asked if she is scared of any potential terror attacks during her performance. Not only did poor Brit-Brit think it was Selena’s gig involved in the bombing, but she also seems to think it happened in London, not Manchester.

“Well, I think, you know, in Israel, it’s the same thing that’s kinda going on in America…” the Grammy winner said. “Selena Gomez, look what happened to her in London. I feel like everywhere in the world is kind of [scared].”

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Yikes. Naturally, social media had some thoughts about Britney’s snafu. “BRITNEY THINKS THE ATTACK HAPPENED AT A SELENA CONERT IN LONDON IM SCREAMING,” one fan shared on Twitter, while another wrote, “Britney Spears, wyd? LMAO. Love you though. It wasn’t Selena’s concert Brit. It’s Ariana’s.”


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This isn’t the first time Britney has discussed Ariana and Selena in an interview. In September 2016, the Las Vegas headliner revealed she was not impressed by Ariana’s impression of her on Saturday Night Live.

“That’s funny. That’s really funny, wow,” Britney told London’s KISS FM UK after listening to a clip of Ari trying to mimic her distinctively breathy vocals. “I’ve heard better.”

Though she didn’t appear to be a fan of Ariana at the time, Britney has said that she’s definitely drawn to Selena, who served as inspiration for her latest studio album, Glory. “I just love her music,” she told the Belfast Telegraph last year. “I think she’s really great. So I was really, really inspired by her work.”