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Matthew Stafford and His Wife Kelly Have 4 Cute Daughters! Meet the NFL Quarterback’s Kids

Matthew Stafford’s career as the Los Angeles Rams’ quarterback doesn’t come close to his job as a dad! The NFL star has four children — Tyler, Chandler, Sawyer and Hunter — with his wife, Kelly Stafford (née Hall). 

Who Are Matthew Stafford’s Kids?

Matthew once talked about his experience of being a “girl dad” in an April 2021 interview with the LA Times. The football player answered a question on learning “patience” upon having four daughters. 

“People talk all the time; you’re going to try for a boy and I’m so happy with the four girls that I have,” the father of four said. “It’s the greatest part of my life, to be honest with you. It changed it in so many ways.”

He also explained how fortunate he felt to be a parent to several children. “As a parent, you never know that feeling is until you have kids and I’ve been lucky enough to have that four times,” he added. “Four beautiful little daughters. I’m lucky in that regard.”

Growing up with a famous athlete for a parent, though, can be difficult. Players can be traded to other teams, which can require them and their loved ones to move far away with them to a new home. Matthew touched on the fluidity as a football family in a February 2022 interview with People

“I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for them,” the Florida native said. “I would never have made the decision to go in and ask to be traded [somewhere] unless I had full support from my family and understanding that things were going to change, things were going to be different both professional and personally.” 

The former Detroit Lions player doesn’t share many moments with his children on social media, but his wife frequently gives fans insight into their family lifestyle. 

Kelly snapped a picture of her four daughters on Tyler’s first day of school. “Tyler’s first day of school went over … Well, they went,” she captioned the Instagram post on January 13. 

She also captured a sweet moment with the kids ahead of the 2022 NFC Championship. Kelly uploaded an adorable group photo via Instagram of her and her daughters wearing the Rams’ team colors on February 1. While their mom rocked a stylish blue and cold jumpsuit, the four kiddos wore matching leotards and skirts. 

Scroll through the gallery to meet each of Matthew Stafford’s daughters.