We know this increasingly frigid weather makes you wanna stay inside and watch Netflix. But by enduring the elements, you can burn a lot of calories shoveling snow, playing hockey, and even sledding. Though you may have heard that you burn more calories in the cold, that’s not true — unless you’re shivering, which, let’s be honest, shouldn’t be something you strive for in the name of weight loss.

While shoveling snow is a laborious task, it happens to be quite aerobic. You can burn up to 400 calories an hour, CNN reports. That said, there’s a well-known correlation between snow shoveling and heart attacks, so be careful.

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Now on to the more enjoyable activities! Sledding burns 400 calories an hour, CNN says, assuming you walk back uphill each time. Snowboarding and downhill skiing both burn at least 450 calories an hour, thanks to all that exertion on your hamstrings, quads, and calves. Hockey burns slightly more with 470 calories an hour. And ice skating burns up to 20 calories a minute — but probably even more if you get all Michelle Kwan about it with your triple axels and Lutz jumps.

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You wouldn’t think snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are as aerobic as some of the aforementioned sports, but they are! (Think of all the energy it takes to lift your snowshoes out of the snow.) These activities burn 576 calories an hour, ACTIVE reports, and you get to enjoy that winter wonderland scenery in the process.

Clearly, you can burn calories in a variety of ways this winter… and then you can promptly undo all that good work with one decadent hot chocolate back at the ski lodge. Hey, no judgment here…