This is not a drill, people! The holiday season just got a little bit sweeter and a little bit drunker thanks to Aldi’s new adult Advent calendars! Instead of 24 pieces of chocolate, this amazing invention offers up 24 mini bottles of wine in the countdown to Christmas.

According to Food & Wine, everyone will be satisfied with these 200-milliliter bottles as there are rosé, red, white, and bubbly options! From the looks of the box, the wines inside are most likely made by JP Chenet and Calvet. And the amount of wine averages out to about six full bottles.

According to The Sun, the boozy calendar retails for just over $67 — making each bottle about $2. And you won’t have to wait long, because the highly anticipated item hits shelves Nov. 1. Needless to say, Twitter has already lost it over this product! “Oh my gosh just seen a mini wine Advent calendar. that's a perfect countdown to Christmas,” one fan wrote, while another added, “A wine Advent calendar exists and we're officially ready for Christmas.”

There is one major catch with this Advent, though. It will only be sold in the UK. So if you have friends or family on the other side of the pond, be sure to call them up. Or you know, maybe we should all just take a quick trip and get our own!