Hey, ‘90s girls: silence your beeper, put down that Lunchable, and stop playing on your Tamagotchi, because we have huge news! Everyone’s favorite wacky, colorful designer — who undoubtedly gave you the accessories to revamp your locker and pencil case — is back. Thanks to Target, we can now sleep a little easier in our Lisa Frank pajamas!

The night gowns and two-piece sets feature everything you remember about the iconic psychedelic brand. From multicolored tigers and dolphins to fairy-like horses, you can go to bed with a little more style than you did before. And since it ranges from sizes XS to 2X, there are options for almost everyone!

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And because the reboots of ’90s series such as Twin Peaks and The X-Files are already on Netflix, we think it’s officially time for you to call up your besties and schedule a Lisa Frank-themed party. Just check out how adorable these options are (seriously!)

lisa frank pajamas 1

Like tigers? Purchase this night gown for the low, low price of $14.99. It’ll bring out your wild side for sure!

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lisa frank pajamas 2

If fairytales are more your thing, this plus-sized night gown is for you. For $16.99 enjoy the fun and flirty, rainbow horse sleepwear.

lisa frank pajamas 3

Don’t like animals? That’s okay! Try this two-piece kiss face set for $17.99. The short-sleeved shirt paired with a boxer short looks super comfy to go to bed in!

So, if you’ve made it to the end of this article without purchasing one, good for you because we’ve already filled a shopping cart. But get on it, cause they’re selling fast!