Even though Cameron Dallas might be one of the biggest social-media-stars-turned-models in the world right now, he's still trying to keep as much of his private life out of the spotlight as he can — and that includes the relationship he has with his family. But sometimes fans are treated to a glimpse of what the bond with his parents, Gina and Dan Dallas, is really like. Watch the video above and check out Cameron goofing around with his dad in a rare Instagram appearance.

Though Dan may not be a staple when it comes to Cameron's Instagram, the 23-year-old sure makes a lot of cameos on his dad's social media. And judging by Dan's page, this father-son duo acts like any other non-celebrity family — taking trips together, fishing, and — of course — posing for selfies.

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As solid as Cameron’s connection with his dad might be now, it wasn’t always that way. In 2012, he openly addressed the strained relationship he had with his dad while growing up. He tweeted, “Not growing up with a Dad to be there for you sucks ?, especially when he could have been there all along, but you know things happen.”

The star has yet to fully open up about what caused the tension between him and his dad in the earlier years of his life, but he did admit exclusively to J-14 in 2015 that there was a period of time — three years to be exact — when the two didn't see each other at all. It's clear, from the photos, these two have reconnected quite a bit since then.