Say goodbye to those carefree days spent screenshotting your crush’s Instagram stories. The social media platform is introducing a new feature that would make that activity not so secret anymore. Instagram is currently testing an update that would alert a user of who is taking screenshots of their Instagram stories. So not cool, IG.

To make matters even worse, the app will send a pop-up notice to the perpetrator with an alert basically calling them a stalker. “Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it,” the message reads. Right now, users can see which of their followers watch their stories. With the new feature, there will also be a circle shutter icon next to the name guilty of screen grabbing your posts.

Proud Instagram creepers took to Twitter to vent about the new feature, which would make their innocent stalking a lot harder. “Instagram is now exposing everyone who screenshots an Instagram story. We can no longer screenshot in peace,” one upset user tweeted before another added, “THE END IS HERE INSTAGRAM NOW NOTIFIES YOU EVERY TIME SOMEONE SCREENSHOTS YOUR STORY….. nooo.”

Another hilariously revealed she was already caught in the act. “So now you’ll know when someone screenshots or records your Insta story. I found out… after I took the screenshot. I will clearly look like a stalker. Thanks,” she wrote. However, there are some ways you will still be able to send that selfie of your crush to your BFF without getting caught. You can set your phone to airplane mode before you take the screenshot, or you can go to the desktop version of the app to avoid detection.

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Now, we don’t know what’s worse. This, or the fact that our Instagram feed is still not in chronological order. At least, there’s always Snapchat. Oh, wait…