They wanna party with Cardi! On Aug. 4, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and Cardi B cozied up together for their ~official~ Instagram debut. While we’re definitely fangirling over this out of the blue celebrity moment, we can’t help but wonder how the heck it happened. Surely, you can’t just walk into one of the Kardashians‘ houses willy-nilly, right?

Well, as Cardi explained the situation on social media, she was merely attending a meeting of the “rich people club.” Sigh, must be nice. Oh, and she also mentioned that she’d be selling one of Kris Jenner’s napkins on eBay… in case you’re interested. Although, erm, we haven’t been able to locate the link.

Despite the fact that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was seemingly having a great time with Kim and Kris, her fans weren’t too pleased about her new famous friends. “Why [is] she hanging out with them? They fake as f–k!” commented one user. “No babe, you’ve officially sold your soul,” wrote another. “Damn! They are going to put the Kardashian spell on Cardi. Get out of there, girl. Run!” added a particularly paranoid hater.  

To be fair, Cardi hardly needs the Kardashians to solidify her wealthy status. For starters, the Balenciaga windbreaker she’s wearing in the photograph is nearly $1,500. Beyond that, Cardi and her rapper husband, Offset, recently purchased matching Lamborghinis that retail for $399,500 each! 

So, to all the obnoxiously salty Cardi B fans out there, the newly-minted mama to Kulture Kiari Cephus is making money moves no matter whose expensive couch she’s sitting on. That said, we happen to love this KUWTK x Cardi B crossover! Also, we really wouldn’t mind seeing their little ones get together for a rich baby playdate. The more celeb little ones, the merrier! Let’s make that happen, OK ladies? Please and thank you.