Just when we think we know everything about Cardi B, the rapper throws something new our way. You probably know she got engaged to Offset, dropped her Invasion of Privacy album, and confirmed her pregnancy on SNL. But did you know that Cardi B's real name isn't actually Cardi B? Surprise! Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Almanzar. Her sister is named Hennessy, so Cardi grew up with the nickname "Bacardi," which she later shortened to Cardi B. Her family are the only people who call her by her real name. Now that we’ve got that settled, how do you pronounce Belcalis Almanzar? The rapper shared a video so she could teach you herself.

“A lot of y’all have been wondering how I pronounce my name, my name is pronounced Bel-Ca-LEEZ, and my last name Al-MAN-zar,” Cardi B explained. She also decided to take the opportunity to defend her moniker, and call out haters for having “basic-ass names.”

“Lot of y’all making fun of my name, b-tch ain't nobody want to have your name Sarah, Kaneesha, Daquan,” she said. “Y’all have basic-ass names, nobody in the f-cking world got my name so I like it, if you don’t like it, I don’t give a f-ck, suck my d-ck with your basic-ass name, everybody got your f-cking name, b-tch!”

Of course, fans decided to turn Cardi B’s real name into a meme and troll the 25-year-old on social media. “Can you believe Cardi B's real name is Cardigan Bardigan,” one user tweeted. “I just learned today that Cardi B's real name is Belcalis Almanzar. I said that sh-t out loud and my furniture started floating,” a second wrote.

The star responded to Twitter trolls for a second time in an interview with GQ. "Does my name sound like a spell?" she said. "Does it? I don't know, I guess. Whatever. I like my name, it's weird and unique and my dad made it up, so that's cool."

Cardi is due in July with her first child, so we’re excited to see what she’ll name her baby on the way. Clearly, she DGAF if you’ll be able to pronounce it.