Are you ready for it? After months of sneaking around and being careful AF, paps have finally managed to snap some pics of Cardi B‘s baby girl, Kulture Kiari Cephus. The photos were taken from far away and show the rapper, her daughter, and another woman on a hotel balcony, so we still can’t really get too good of a look, but it’s the best that we’ve gotten so far. And, grainy or not, the pictures are cute. Even if it’s hardly the kind of close up of the little girl’s face that the Kardashians post of their babies, we can at least get a glimpse. 

Even more than that, we can get idea of what Cardi’s actually like with her daughter, who’s now a few months old. In the past, Cardi and her husband, Migos rapper Offset, have shown plenty of love for their daughter. Offset got Kulture’s name tattooed on his face, and the “Bodak Yellow” singer parodied Drake’s “Kiki” in Kulture’s honor, but we still need more.  So these shots of Cardi spending time with her baby straight up warm our hearts. 

picture of kulture kiari cephus, cardi b and offset's daughter

Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

From what we can see, Kulture looks absolutely adorable. She’s got a full head of dark hair and big eyes, and it’s clear she already knows how to rock elaborate outfits like her mom. Look at all those ruffles and tulle! What’s not clear, though, is who the woman with her on the balcony is. All the distance makes it hard to tell if she’s a nanny or a family member, but it’s clear she has lots of love for the rappers’ daughter. She even helped pose Kulture so that mama Cardi could take some of her own pictures. 

cardi b takes picture of daughter kulture kiari cephus

Photo Credit: The Mega Agency

Now, if only Cardi would share all those pictures that she’s clearly taken. Since Kulture was born in July, her parents have been teasing us with tweets about her and photos where she’s just out of frame. They’ve also been more than happy to share Instagram posts that feature Kulture hidden in a stroller or bassinet — aka, somewhere we can’t quite see her. “We came to see poppa bear,” Cardi captioned one of these pic.

While fans are thirsty for any insight into the baby’s life, they weren’t having it this time. “Girl, show the baby already!” one Instagram user posted in the comments with a crying emoji. “Let. Us. See. The. Baby,” added another matter of factly. And the responses like that just kept rolling in. 

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We came to see Poppa Bear 🐻

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That was hardly the first time the 25-year-old pulled a stunt like that, too. On Aug. 22, Cardi shared the actual “first photo” of her daughter, but fans could only see a tiny sliver of the baby’s face! Obviously, people called her out for playing that game. “[I’m] [about] to look in the reflection of his earring to try and peep her face! Stop teasing!” one user wrote. “We wanna see her!” added another. 

Then, on Aug. 30, Cardi shared what appeared to be a picture of her daughter’s lips. Of course, she quickly deleted it, but not before someone on Twitter could screengrab it. You know what they say about the internet, girl. It’s forever. And when you’re a celebrity, you really can’t get away with anything… not even for a second. 

To be fair, it isn’t too surprising that the new mom is hiding her baby from the public… she did do a pretty good job keeping her pregnancy details under wraps. After she finally confirmed that she was pregnant, she started flaunting her baby bump and sharing more details with fans — like her baby’s gender during an interview on The Howard Stern Show. “I’m having a girl,” she said. At the time, however, she confessed that a name had been chosen but she wasn’t going to say what it was. “I didn’t pick the name so if you interview my dude he’ll tell you.”

Fans already had a feeling that Cardi was having a daughter after her little sister Hennessy Carolina accidentally let the baby’s gender slip on social media. In Hennessy’s excitement about becoming an aunt, she accidentally revealed that Cardi was expecting a little girl.

“A baby is truly a blessing from God. I know how much you always wanted to become a mom,” she wrote, before thanking her older sister for being like a second mom to her. “I’m going to be able to hold baby you and give her all the kisses and hugs. Your pregnancy is [mine]. We pregnant. Can’t believe we having a baby.” She eventually changed the caption to “the baby,” but not before The Shade Room caught a screenshot of the original post.

Kulture is the first child for Cardi and her hubby, who is already a father-of-three. As for haters, Cardi has a message for them. “I started winning when the whole word was doubting on me!” she tweeted. “Think imma lose with my little baby counting on me?” If only we could count on Cardi to share more pictures on her own!

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