Perfect parents! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have welcomed two kids since they got married in June 2019. However, the Game of Thrones star and Jonas Brothers member have made a pact to keep their children out of the public eye.

After “accidentally” posting a video of their daughter on Instagram in May 2023, Sophie pleaded with fans to “delete” it from the internet, explaining why she and her husband like to keep their kids’ privacy.

“We have always advocated for our kids’ rights to privacy, so sharing this publicly is something that is against anything I stand for,” she shared at the time. “Our children deserve the right to grow up out of the public eye, to learn and grow in private. If I ever were to post anything of our kids, know that it is unquestionably a mistake.”

Keep reading for details on Sophie and Joe’s kids, including birthdays, names and more. 

When Was Willa Jonas Born?

The couple welcomed their first baby together in July 2020, and it was revealed that they named her Willa.

“The name Willa is a girl’s name of German origin meaning ‘resolute protection,’” NameBerry revealed of the baby girl’s moniker.

Following her birth, Joe spoke candidly during an interview with CBS This Morning in May 2021, about becoming a first-time dad.

'Mistake'! Sophie Turner 'Accidentally' Posts Video of Her, Joe's Daughter
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“It’s been forced time at home — I’m always on the go; I’m always moving and traveling and touring,” he shared at the time. “To be in one place for a solid amount of time and having my feet on the ground and be with my family, my immediate family, is time I don’t think I’ll get back. I’m so thankful and grateful.”

When Did Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Welcome Baby No. 2?

While Sophie and Joe didn’t publicly confirm that they were expecting a second baby, the Staircase actress walked various red carpets with her baby bump in tow. The duo welcomed their second daughter, whose name has yet to be revealed, in July 2022 — almost exactly two years after Willa.

“Joe and Sophie are happy to announce the arrival of their baby girl,” a rep confirmed to People at the time.

After they became parents of two, Joe explained why he keeps his relationship with Sophie and their home life out of the public eye.

“I want to feel like an open book,” the “Cake By the Ocean” singer told Mr. Porter in November 2022. “But when we started dating, I realized that I didn’t have a ton of stuff that was just for me. And in the end, it makes me a better person to have something for myself.”