Here we go again! Despite the fact that the entire Kardashian family is against Khloé Kardashian having baby No. 2 with Tristan Thompson, Life & Style has learned that she just won’t listen to their reasoning. “Khloé just can’t let this relationship go,” a source close to the KUWTK star revealed. Sigh. Will she ever learn? 

“All the Kardashians are against her having another baby, but she won’t listen to any of them,” the source added. “She’s blinded by love when it comes to Tristan.” Khloé’s loved ones hope she’ll eventually see the light, but they fear she may be doomed to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t deserve her. 


Just days before Khloé gave birth to their daughter in April, photos emerged of Tristan hooking up with other women during her pregnancy. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

“Tristan is making a fool out of Khloé, but she won’t see it,” the source continued. “We all worry she’ll be pregnant and heartbroken once again.” At the end of the day, the 34-year-old is desperately holding onto the hope that the pair’s daughter, True Thompson, has changed her baby daddy for the better — and in some ways, it has. “Tristan loves True,” the insider explained. “He’s determined to play a big part in his daughter’s upbringing.”

The question that remains, however, is: is the NBA baller’s love for his daughter enough to stifle his cheating ways? At this time, the evidence is stacked against him. Tristan’s chat with the mystery woman on Sept. 19 went beyond innocent flirting: “She was standing in between Tristan’s legs and he had his right hand on her butt at one point,” an eyewitness said. They were later seen leaving the club together along with another woman, and though they weren’t seen kissing, “if he was your boyfriend,” the witness noted, “you wouldn’t be comfortable with the position they were in. It’s not what boyfriends do.”

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