If you thought it was time to move on from Tristan Thompson‘s cheating scandal, you thought wrong. On Sept. 27, a new KUWTK trailer dropped showing what’s still to come in Season 15 and let’s just say: S–t gets too real, too fast! 

The most intense part of the clip shows Kim Kardashian‘s first-ever reaction to finding out that Khloé Kardashian‘s baby daddy was, er, getting with multiple other women while Koko was pregnant with their daughter, True Thompson.

Well, as you can see, hell certainly hath no fury like a Kardashian scorned. To be fair, though, Kim’s reaction was hardly over the top. What protective sibling wouldn’t go HAM? In real life, however, Kiki and Tristan have actually squashed their beef. Eyeroll. 

After shading the NBA baller once or twice, Kim and Tristan reconciled at Khloé’s 34th birthday celebration. On June 27, the KarJenner clan gathered at Koko’s house, where the mother-of-three came face to face with her sister’s man. Lucky for Tristan, Kim was more than willing to end their feud — under two conditions, that is: That he unblock her on Instagram and that he give up his passwords.


He must have complied because we haven’t heard a peep out of Kim about Tristan ever since. More importantly, the question is, has Khloé really managed to move on from his infidelities? Well, it’s a work in progress. “[She] wants to trust Tristan, but the thought of him traveling on the road with his team brings back terrible memories,” a source revealed to Life & Style

“The problem is, Khloé doesn’t want to follow Tristan around the country with a newborn, but she knows that women throw themselves at him when he’s out with friends — and she knows how difficult it is for him to say no.” Hmmm, sounds like a tough situation! Especially considering Tristan’s most recent slip up

Even still, we have no doubt that Khlo will make the best decision for herself and her beautiful baby girl — and if she doesn’t, we’re sure that Kim will call her out on it!