Here come the mommy shamers! Cardi B has been a mom to her baby girl Kulture for only a month, and she’s already getting a ton of hate from the parenting police on social media. Cardi took to Instagram on Saturday, Aug. 11 to show off her signature blinged-out manicure — and of course, the haters were quick to jump into the comments and judge Cardi for choosing to have long nails while she is caring for her one-month-old daughter.

“How are you going to change baby’s diaper with those long nails sweetie?” one fan asked, and another commented, “When your [sic] a mom you have to make sacrifices. [Lose] the nails.”

Many fans speculated that Cardi is not a hands-on mom because of her nails, and they assumed that she had a nanny to take care of Kulture. But others felt the need to warn Cardi about the dangers of having long nails while changing a baby’s diaper.

“Cardi I like long nails too. I thought I could have long nails and take care of my newborn then I scratched her vagina so bad it bled. Until it healed, every time she peed she cried because it burned,” one fan wrote. “Keep them long if you want mama, but please please be careful.”

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1 week after birth ❤️🎀

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We’re pretty sure Cardi is a great mom who wouldn’t dream of doing anything that may harm or hurt her baby,  and there are ways that Cardi can use her knuckles instead of the tips of her fingers to change her baby girl’s diapers. She also changed the shape of her nail from a pointy stiletto to a dull square shape that would be more comfortable for her and for her baby.

Besides, Cardi has said herself that she doesn’t have a nanny because she wants to be the one to care for her little baby — and she didn’t even think about hiring one, which is why she had to drop out of her tour with Bruno Mars last month.