If there’s one celebrity we can always count on to be themselves, it’s Cardi B. On Dec. 30, the rapper, 26, took to Instagram to show off her lavish hotel accommodations while traveling in Australia. While Cardi didn’t go so far as to give fans an actual tour of the room, she did decide to share what she was having for dinner… a seafood feast fit for a queen!

The best part? Well, the newly minted mama’s reaction to trying caviar for the first time was legit the best thing we’ve seen all year. “Thank you so much, I’m about to dog this s–t,” Cardi began, followed by a series of noises that can only be described as cat-like. “Is that caviar?! I never ate caviar before, b—h” she admitted.

Seafood Platter

Shortly after Cardi put the caviar in her mouth, she smacked her lips a couple of dozen times, and declared: “Hm, it tastes very rich.” LOL. Ya think, girl? 

For those of you who aren’t aware, the reason caviar tastes rich, as Cardi put it, is because you legit have to be rich to eat it. Don’t believe us? A 17.6 ounce metal tin of Caviar costs over $2,000. You know how much McDonald’s you can buy with $2,000? Point proven.

That said, we’re happy to see that Cardi is enjoying the finer things in life. Following her Caviar story, she continued to prance around on camera in a bra with a towel on her head. At one point she screamed: “B—h, life is motherf—–g good, ya heard?”

Cardi B In A Bra

Yes, Cardi, we have heard. Here’s hoping that with the new year right around the corner, all of us can channel our inner Belcalis Almanzar and treat ourselves to every wonderful thing this life has to offer… including overpriced fish eggs.