She thinks she might have hit something… okurrr? Rapper Cardi B will be making an appearance on Carpool Karaoke with Late Late Show host James Corden on Dec. 17 and we think she probably should have snagged her driver’s license before the gig. Let’s just put it this way: when James gives Cardi the wheel, all hell definitely breaks loose!

In the hilarious sneak peek clip for the upcoming episode, James enlists Cardi to help him get to work, as he does with each guest, via song and of course, Cardi seems thrilled to help. But when the tables turn and James is helping Cardi via teaching her a little bit about driving, things don’t go to well. “So you wanna turn the wheel,” James instructs, but you hear Cardi go, “I’m scared!” as she attempts to back up correctly. Except… she manages to back right into a few parking posts. “I hit something,” she tells James, who replies with a sarcastic, “You think?”

On top of that hilarious misstep on James’ part, he and Cardi go toe-to-toe when it comes to their rap game. James really kills Cardi’s verses! Plus, at one point, James pulls over so Cardi can give a wave to some fans. “Hi kids! Stay in school, listen to your mom, or you won’t be getting no Christmas gifts,” Cardi tells them and it’s honestly kinda cute to see her put on her mama hat for a minute, since the birth of baby Kulture over the summer.

This is one of Cardi’s first official appearances since her split from rapper Offset, after she recently took to Instagram to announce their split after one year of marriage. Cardi initially said that the couple just “fell out of love” but a source recently spoke with Life & Style exclusively and told us that Offset is actually pretty desperate to patch things up. The Migos member apparently has realized that he made a “huge mistake” after reports of his alleged cheating surfaced. “[He] will do anything to get back with her,” the source revealed.

Whether things are on or off(set), this Carpool Karaoke episode is sure to remind everyone that everything is gonna be okurrr.