During last week's Women Tell All special, Caroline Lunny called out Arie Luyendyk Jr. for "what he did"— and after tonight's Bachelor finale, you're going to thank her. Caroline was the only woman to confront the former race car driver and hinted he did the unthinkable to one of the remaining ladies. So, what exactly did Arie do to deserve such a heated outburst from the brunette beauty? Details on that below…

"I was heartbroken with the way things went down and I was really upset with him for the way he handled things," Caroline told Access Hollywood following the taping. "And like Arie said he had to follow his heart and go with his gut and I don't disagree with that. I get it… The friend in me needed to be like, 'Hey, f–k you.' I needed to say it and I'm just furious, honestly."

During the reunion episode, Chris Harrison asked the ladies if there was anything else they wanted to say to Arie while he sat on stage during his interview segment, and Caroline was one of the first to raise her hand. "So, I mean this whole time you've said that you were here because you were trying to find a wife," she said. "I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that. And I just really don't understand, but I really hope you found what you're looking for." Caroline later revealed she said as "much as they would let me" at the time.

As to what Arie did on the finale episode — she is most likely referring to the cheating scandal that happened post-filming. If you can't wait until the finale to find out who Arie picks (and why Caroline is not happy about it) we've got you covered.

Whatever Arie did sounds pretty bad but apparently, that isn't the only thing he did to upset Caroline. She said that while she was in the house, she made a mixtape for Arie full of her favorite songs and put them on a USB. But instead of listening to it on his own, he decided to share it with another woman.

"I found out he later used it in the fantasy suite. I’m friends with Becca and she told me! She was like, ‘Oh my God we listened to your thing,'" Caroline told Us Weekly. "It’s fine because he knew that we were really close, but I was kind of, like, 'That’s a little off-sides buddy, playing my f–king mixtape.'"

Despite the controversy, Arie seems happy with his final decision, even though he admitted to Life & Style that he made the mistake of falling in love with two women. "I did," Arie said before going on to explain, "I just wanted to make sure that I gave everyone an open opportunity to show themselves to me." Right…

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