Carrie Underwood has caught the cosmetic surgery bug, sources exclusively tell Life & Style, adding that they fear she’s in danger of going too far.

The 41-year-old singer was accused of looking “totally different” by her followers after she posted a recent snap of herself posing with rapper Ludacris.

“She definitely looks a lot different than she used to,” observes one fan of the American Idol alum.

Notes another, “She looks totally different, not just clothes, but facial features.”

The “Cry Pretty” singer has denied having any facial surgery, but according to Life & Style‘s source her lips are now suspiciously pumped up and her face line-free.

carrie underwood, ludacris
Courtesy of Carrie Underwood/Instagram

“Carrie’s always been a bit on the vain side, and no one would put it past her to get a few nip/tucks,” says an insider. “She appears to have gone a little wild with the lip fillers. They were never that plump before. She probably has a very good dermatologist plus Botox to smooth out the face and neck.”

Adds the source, “Carrie doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of age for a 40-something.”

Back in 2017, the chart-topping artist suffered a terrifying fall at her Nashville home that required more than 40 stitches. She denied getting surgery to fix her face, but a source suspects she “probably” lasered those scars away.

“Of course, the fear is always that someone of Carrie’s caliber will overshoot and ruin her naturally pretty looks,” says the insider. “People are hoping she reins it in sooner rather than later.”

Chicago-based plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik, who has not treated Carrie, also believes she’s had some work done.

He tells Life & Style, “I suspect she’s had her lower eyelids done and a forehead lift, because her eyebrows look higher, as well as fillers or fat to her face and cheeks, which look fuller.”