Watch out, Kylie Jenner, because "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli is here to steal your man. Sources told In Touch that Danielle has a major crush on Travis Scott and is willing to do whatever it takes to hook up with him once she turns 18.

"Danielle's telling all her friends [that] Kylie better enjoy this time with Travis because once she turns 18, he's hers," the source revealed. "For the longest time, she's had the biggest crush on Travis. She digs his music, swag, sex appeal, everything about him. She'd love to collaborate with him because she thinks he's more than talented."

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And Danielle doesn't think Kylie should hate on her, either — even though the beauty mogul does have a child, Stormi Webster, four months, with the rapper. According to the sources, Danielle talks about how Kylie was a teenager when she went after Tyga, knowing that he and Blac Chyna had a complicated relationship and a son together. Danielle apparently thinks Kylie had this coming, and some hot teen was bound to steal her man one day, too.

Yikes. Fortunately for Kylie, Danielle just turned 15 years old on March 26, so she has three more years until she can officially go after Travis. And who knows what will happen by then? Kylie and Travis might be parents to two tots instead of one. Ever since welcoming baby Stormi on Feb. 1, Kylie and Travis have proven to have a rock solid connection.

But, could Danielle actually come between them? Of course, it's possible, but we have a feeling Kylie will do anything to protect her little family especially from the "Cash Me Outside" girl. Regardless of what Kylie would do in the situation, Danielle has a long way to go, so she'll just have to keep fantasizing about Travis until then.