Oh no! Colton Underwood took to Instagram on Monday, March 16, to reveal his girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, got stung by a sting ray and the aftermath looked pretty painful.

“While we were in isolation yesterday we decided to take a quick trip to the ocean and swim,” the 28-year-old explained in his caption. “It was cut short after a sting ray stung [Cassie] in the foot. Mother Nature sent us a warning shot to get back inside. I tried to take her mind off of it by playing UNO (It did not work).”

The Bachelor alum then revealed how grateful he was toward all the fans who sent their love. “Thank you all for your prayers and concerns … After about 5 hours of pain and a weird reaction to the venom, Cass is doing much better. Stay safe y’all!”

The blonde beauty also took to her Instagram to give fans an update on what happened. “My brother has been stung a few times, so we knew what to do, but true to myself I had an allergic reaction to the venom (if a bad reaction is unlikely to occur, it occurs to me … I’m a magnet) I spent 5 hours in excruciating pain,” she captioned her post.

Colton Underwood Says He'll Probably Propose to Cassie Randolph in 2020
Courtesy of Colton Underwood Instagram

Thankfully, though, it was all made a bit better by her beau who remained by her side. However, the sting was so painful, Cassie was forced to go the hospital. “I ended up in the ER after getting hives and my entire leg was swelling. I’m fine now, got medication and my swelling is slowly subsiding.” We’re glad she’s OK!

The adorable couple have been through so much together, and it looks like the former Bachelor star may be popping the question soon. “I promise to still tell bad jokes, forget to clean up after myself, mispronounce easy words, and love you with everything I have in this new year,” Colton wrote on Instagram on January 1. 

When a fan asked if there’s a “proposal coming in 2020,” Colton responded by saying “probably.” We can’t wait for these two to walk down the aisle!