With our favorite holiday just around the corner, now’s the time to plan, ponder, and look at, like, a million Pinterest boards in the search for celebrity Halloween costume ideas. It’s super stressful because not only does the outfit need to be funny, trendy, and wickedly clever, it also has to, you know, be flattering to your body and suit your personality. Ugh, why are holidays so hard? However, if you’re looking for inspiration, we might be able to ease the burden for you a little bit.

Dressing up like a famous person is tricky because although you can make certain creative liberties when donning the wardrobe of a fictional person, a well-known star has specific quirks that everyone identifies with, and if you screw that up, your friends won’t know who you are. (“You’re supposed to be Britney Spears? Since when has she had brown curly hair??”)

However, if you are up for the challenge of rocking an iconic celebrity costume, we made a little something that might help you with the initial decision stages. You might be wrestling with several options in your head. After all, there was so much viral news spinning around this year, from Taylor Swift’s foray into the dark side to Beyoncé finally introducing the universe to her twins. But which one should you choose?? If only someone had a solution for this first world crisis!

If you’re still wrestling between dressing up as Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian, check out our handy flowchart below that’ll guide you to the path of your perfect celebrity Halloween costume. Simply answer a few questions and follow along with the arrows. We also include a few tips on how to dress up like your chosen star. Easy peasy.

celebrity halloween costume ideas

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