Halloween is less than a week away, and if you haven’t decided on a costume yet, we highly suggest you look for inspiration from Friends and pull a Ross Geller — i.e. go as Spud-nik, of course. It is arguably one of the best Halloween costumes of all time, and the second we saw Ross all dressed up, we knew it would be instantly iconic. It’s hilarious, for one, and it’s also just insanely clever. Forget being Superwoman or Catwoman — we’re looking at you Phoebe and Monica, and we see you in your store-bought costumes that you threw on without thinking. A potato satellite is definitely the way to go!

Sure, you may have to explain what you’re dressed as.

ross geller 1
ross geller 2
ross geller 3
ross geller 4

And you may be met with blank stares and unmatched enthusiasm.

ross geller 6
ross geller 5

But that doesn’t matter because you’re Spud-nik!

ross geller 7

And even if they don’t happen to remember that Russian satellite, Sputnik (but, uh, who doesn’t, right, guys?), as long as they remember Friends, then you’re golden.


ross geller 8