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See Kim Kardashian, Pauly D, and More Celebrities at Prom!

Prom season is officially upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by taking a look back at what over-the-top sparkly dresses our favorite celebs rocked back in the day?

For some A-listers, prom is a distant memory, but for others, it feels like only yesterday.

Kylie Jenner recently made headlines for crashing a high school prom after she showed up to the Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, CA, this past weekend. When she discovered that a student didn’t have a date, the Keeping Up With Kardashians star swooped in to surprise a boy named Albert.

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kylie jenner snapchat

Attending with her BFF Jordyn Woods, the selfie connoisseur rocked a silky gown and a corsage in classic high school prom style.

A freshman expressed her disbelief over the reality star’s surprise appearance.

“I think I was in denial, like no way is it Kylie Jenner,” Chayse Rothschild-Bruno told her local newspaper.

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Though King Kylie was happy to make a high schooler’s dream come true, other celebs like Emma Stone weren’t able to make fans’ prom dreams come true in the past.

In a La La Land-themed video, Arcadia High School student Jacob Staudenmaier asked the 28-year-old to be his date.

Set to “Another Day of Sun” from the Oscar-winning film, Jacob sang, “I need a date to prom. I should have done it earlier, but now I’ll sing this song!”

Though the Best Actress winner eventually respnoded to the promposal, she said she couldn’t make it because of work.

But she did say it was “the greatest proposal I’ve ever received.” Not too shabby!

Scroll through the gallery below to see what your favorite celebrities looked like at their proms.