Maybe not the best choice? Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have moved on from their split — Channing is now dating singer Jessie J and Jenna is dating actor Steve Kazee —  but it seems like Channing might be moving a little too fast when it comes to involving the former couple’s kids with their new partners. Earlier this week, Channing brought their five-year-old daughter Everly to one of Jessie’s concerts, and that decision isn’t sitting well with Jenna’s camp.

Sources close to Jenna, 37, and Channing, 38, revealed that they are actually concerned with the Magic Mike star’s decision to bring Everly to the concert, according to The Blast. The concert — which was at The Wiltern in Hollywood — ran late and it also was on a Thursday, so many of the couples’ friends felt it was irresponsible for Channing to keep Everly up past her bedtime on a school night.

They also felt that the “Bang Bang” singer’s music is not appropriate for a five-year-old to listen to since lots of her songs are about adult themes like sex and relationships.

Even though they might have felt it was a bad parenting move on Channing’s behalf, friends of the couple don’t have a problem with the fact that he’s dating Jessie, but they are concerned that Everly is being exposed to her dad’s new social life because “it seems like he is partying.”

It’s unclear if Jenna approved of Everly attending the Jessie J concert, but it seems like she and Channing have an amicable co-parenting relationship. The exes even reunited the day before to take Everly trick or treating, and they seemed to get along perfectly fine and they even looked like they were having fun together as a family. Just hours later, Channing went over Jenna’s house and stood the night, and he was spotted leaving her home the following morning.