You good, Channing Tatum? On Thursday, March 20, the Magic Mike actor, 38, took to his Instagram Story to share a series of, er, interesting messages. While some of Channing’s musings were insightful, others were just straight up confusing.

“Being … being and not brutally judging myself. Difficulty level = 9000,” the Hollywood heartthrob began. “Stories are so powerful and [no] more powerful than the ones we tell ourselves about what is happening … in our lives,” he continued. Hmmm, OK, we’d hate to read too much into a freakin’ IG Story, but given that Channing is in the middle of a divorce from Jenna Dewan while simultaneously dating pop powerhouse Jessie J, we can’t help but draw some parallels.

Channing Tatum Instagram Story

Is he trying to convince himself that he’s happy moving on when he really isn’t? What story are you telling, Channing?! We need to know. “My will is powerful and when I want a result, I can put that will to work,” his third post read. “Because I’m not afraid of work. But, sometimes, you can be working so hard that you don’t see the truth.”

Again, not trying to be pushy … but what the heck are you talking about, man? “The truth that is all around you all the time. No matter how hard you work … no result will ever give you true self-worth or love,” Channing added. Based on that last bit, it seems as though the proud papa is referring more to his career than his personal relationships.

Channing Tatum Instagram story.
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However, that theory goes out the window in the fourth Story. “Looking for joy, love or worth from the outside stops … now,” the newly minted blonde concluded, along with 100 random emojis — i.e. a flame, devil and eyeballs. Here’s hoping that Channing wasn’t talking about his relationship with Jessie, 30.

After all, the pair has become one of the cutest A-list couples in the game. Those pictures of them packing on the PDA in London? We’ve basically been swooning for days.

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