After weeks of waiting, Chelsea Roy from The Bachelor finally got her one-on-one date with Arie Luyendyk Jr. However, the former race car driver wasted no time in addressing the elephant in the room: her current situation with her ex and baby daddy Michael Wilson.

Arie asked the single mom from Maine about her former relationship, she revealed that she met her now ex at the young age of 20. After seven years together, they decided to call it quits, six months after welcoming their son Sammy. However, she failed to mention the custody dispute the estranged couple was recently involved in.

According to Radar Online, Michael filed a custody dispute last year, after Chelsea, 29, started filming the reality dating competition, asking the court to not require him to pay child support while she is away. “The show is filming currently and Defendant could be gone anywhere between two and ten weeks or more. The parties son, Samuel M. Wilson, is now exclusively residing with the plaintiff, who is fully supporting him," the documents read. "Plaintiff should be relieved of his obligation to pay child support to the defendant, who is in California and not supporting the child at all.”

Bachelor insider Reality Steve also claims that the couple split due to infidelity issues — and her ex is now married to former Miss Maine USA, Rani Williamson. As Chelsea mentioned on the date, the newlyweds recently welcomed a son together. In 2016, Chelsea also filed an order of protection against Michael, alleging a history of abusive behavior. According to Chelsea, during one argument, Michael “firmly grabbed and pushed me to release [Liv, their chocolate Lab] from my grip.” After ripping Liv from her arms, Chelsea claims that he “dragged [Liv] into his truck” before coming back and damaging the passenger-side mirror of her vehicle. Michael denied the claims in court papers, and the protection order was later dismissed. And for fans calling Michael a "sugar daddy" — seeing as he only reportedly pays Chelsea $450 per week, we highly doubt she was with him only for his money.

While we don't know who Arie picks at the end — you can read spoilers here — Chelsea does make it past week 5 of the ABC series, getting a rose from the kissing bandit at the end of the date, which also featured a Titanic reenactment on a yacht and a performance by the country singer Tenille Arts. Remember when Chelsea was the villain? She totally won us over tonight. For more exclusive updates, be sure to join our Bachelor Facebook group now!