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13 Things We Learned About Krystal From ‘The Bachelor’ After Stalking Her Insta

Hating on Krystal Nielson is like the thing do to this season of The Bachelor. You'd have to check Bachelor spoilers to find out if Arie picks the controversial blonde. But for now, the fitness guru is dramatic AF onscreen. The girls can't stand her and judging from teasers for the upcoming episode… she is wearing on Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s patience as well.

So, what's her deal? The sneak peek of Monday night's episode shows her and the former race car driver having a pretty heated fight. "All my stuff is packed," Krystal says in the clip. "I'm f–king over it. I'm done. Done. That was glitter." We decided to educate ourselves about the villain the best way we know how (by stalking her on social media, duh) — and needless to say, the results were interesting. Keep scrolling to find out what Krystal's Instagram reveals about her!