When Chloe Lukasiak abruptly left Dance Moms, our hearts were broken. However, the blonde beauty is back — and we’re glad to have her on our TV screens again.

Fans of the Lifetime reality series first met Chloe when she was nine years old. Along with her mom, Christi, the pre-teen was definitely a standout thanks to her impressive dance moves and her upbeat personality. However, it seemed like working with her teacher Abby Lee Miller took a toll on Chloe, who was also dealing with a condition known as silent sinus syndrome.

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“The reason for leaving the show was my old teacher mocked my eye very bluntly; I was dealing with some serious health issues,” she told People magazine at the time. “[My exit] was very abrupt and I didn’t expect to leave obviously. But after that happened my mom and I just kind of talked about it and it didn’t seem right to go back.”

Fans showed their support for Chloe at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards, where she won the first-ever Choice Dancer surfboard. In her speech, she told the audience, “To anyone who has ever been told that they can’t do it, they shouldn’t do it, or that they aren’t good enough, ignore it. Do it anyways and prove them wrong.” We knew there was a reason we loved her.

However, Chloe is more than just a dancer! She is also an author, model, and an aspiring actress! Keep reading below for more fun facts!

Is Chloe Lukasiak single?

Judging from her Instagram, Chloe is not dating anyone in 2017. The blonde teen was previously in a relationship with singer Ricky Garcia, but the couple called it quits last year. “We can confirm that Chloe and Ricky broke up about a month ago due to their hectic work schedules,” their reps said in a statement. “They remain close friends and support one another and want the fans to continue to support them individually, as well. There are no hard feelings, there wasn’t any disloyalty, and they ask for the fans to respect their mutual decision and privacy.”

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Who is Chloe Lukasiak’s sister?

Chloe can also add big sister to her resume. The dancer is super close with her eight-year-old sis Clara — and it looks like she is following in Chloe’s dancing footsteps, making a small cameo in this season of Dance Moms. She also has almost 1 million followers on Instagram so we have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Clara in the near future.

Did Chloe Lukasiak’s write a book?

Need a little inspiration? Look no further than Chloe’s first book, Girl on Pointe:
Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World
. Filled with inspirational quotes, poetry, and never-before-seen photos of Chloe, you will love her even more after reading this book. “I’ve just always enjoyed reading and writing. I love behind able to share things with people that make me vulnerable,” she told Girls’ Life. “I mean, I’m 16, so I definitely don’t have it all figured out, but I’ve been through a few rough patches and I’m still here, so I want to help people who are going through the same thing.”

How much is Chloe Lukasiak worth?

She may only be a 16-year-old girl, but her hard work is already paying off. Along with her dancing, Chloe’s book deal, TV appearances, and acting have her net worth estimated at $6 million.

What is Chloe’s Snapchat name?

You can find the teen snapping away under the name @Officialchloel. Her other social media handles are listed below:

Instagram: @Chloelukasiak
Twitter: @Chloelukasiak

Facebook: @ChloeLukasiak