The end of Dance Moms is near. The announcement that Season 7 of the Lifetime show will be its last has fans shook — and wondering what happened to some former members of the original cast, like Kelly Hyland. The mother of former ALDC dancers Brooke, 19, and Paige, 16, caused a stir in 2014 when her feud with the Abby Lee Dance Company founder resulted in a legal battle. Scroll down for everything that went down between Kelly and Abby and details on Kelly’s life in 2017!

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Her beef with Abby Lee Miller got physical

At a Season 4 taping of the show in NYC, Kelly lashed out at Abby for yelling at her girls. When she attempted to leave, Abby yelled and lunged at her, allegedly attempting to “bite” her. The dance mom then slapped the choreographer and pulled her hair, later claiming self-defense.

She was charged with assault

After the brawl, which aired on Lifetime, Kelly was charged with assault on the dance teacher. A judge later dismissed her of all charges, asking only that she spend two days in counseling and agree to stay away from Abby for six months.

They left the show soon after

Of course, following this altercation, Paige, Brooke, and Kelly all left the show — and the ALDC. They kept dancing, but opted not to commit to one studio.

The fight resulted into two lawsuits

Kelly first sued Abby in February 2014, asking for at least $5 million in punitive damages for their brawl. Later that year, then-13-year-old daughter Paige filed her own lawsuit, alleging her former teacher caused emotional distress and fear of abuse after seeing Abby attack others on set. In a previous episode of Dance Moms, Abby tossed a chair out of anger while rehearsing a dance with Paige.

The case is now settled

In October 2015, Kelly agreed to drop her lawsuits against Abby and Collins Ave Entertainment. In return, the show could still use Kelly and her daughters’ images in reruns, so long as the company paid $17,500 to replace the floors in the Hylands’ home allegedly damaged during production.

She’s now enjoying a “normal” life in 2017

Since leaving the Lifetime reality series, Kelly has been enjoying spending time with her family, including son Josh and husband Randy.

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Brooke and Paige no longer dance.

In an episode of Dance Moms from Season 7 entitled, Chloe & Christi’s Encore, Christi revealed that Kelly’s two daughters “hung up their pointe shoes” once they left Abby’s studio.