Dance is pretty much a way of life for Chloe Lukasiak and Kalani Hilliker — and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! During an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the Dance Moms alums revealed whether or not they see Dancing With the Stars in their futures.

“That is my dream, to be on Dancing With the Stars! I love that show,” Kalani shared. Her bestie added, “I think that would be really fun. I’ve always loved Dancing With the Stars. I give them so much credit because they have to come up with a new dance every week — we kind of did that every week too, but it would be fun to do in a different capacity.” Perhaps their teacher, Cheryl Burke — who joined the cast for a few episodes of the last season — inspired them to feel this way.

“I think whenever Cheryl came on the show, she was only on for three weeks, but we really took those three weeks to get as much knowledge we could from her,” Kalani raved. Chloe couldn’t agree more. “She gave us amazing advice when we were working with her on the show and I carry that with me and I still use that to this day,” she explained.

The former Lifetime stars are currently on The Irreplaceables Tour along with Kendall Vertes. “I’m really excited to go on tour because we’ve never done a tour to this extent, where we’re going to all these different states and performing brand new dances that you’ve never seen before by choreographers that haven’t been on the show, so we’re trying something totally different,” said Kalani. As for Chloe, “We get to meet so many different people. Most recently when I went on tour I was going international so I’m really excited to meet everyone here and also the dances — I’m just obsessed with all of our dances, and to be teaching the dance classes, to meet everyone and take pictures — I think it’s going to be a really cool experience.”

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