Is this Dance Moms feud finally over for good? In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Chloe Lukasiak opened up about her current friendship status with Maddie Ziegler — who fans of the Lifetime reality series will remember was dubbed her “biggest competition.” Chloe is currently on The Irreplaceables Tour with her former co-stars Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker.

“I see Maddie at events. We talked about getting lunch because I haven’t seen her for awhile,” she explained, adding that she is also in touch with some other girls from the franchise. “I’m still close with Brooke and Paige [Hyland] and I talk to Nia, obviously. I hung out with her the other day. I think we’re all still pretty close — just the way our lives and careers are all going, it’s all different directions so we try to hang out with each other as much as we can, but it’s a little bit hard when there’s eight of us all going in completely different directions. When you go through an experience like that, it kind of just builds like, really stable friendships because we were leaning on each other during those times.”

chloe lukasiak maddie ziegler

During the interview, the blonde beauty also shared her excitement about being on this exciting tour with some of her besties. “We get to meet so many different people. Most recently when I went on tour I was going international so I’m really excited to meet everyone here and also the dances — I’m just obsessed with all of our dances, and to be teaching the dance classes, to meet everyone and take pictures — I think it’s going to be a really cool experience,” she said.

“I think a lot of the dances we did on the show — they tended to be more contemporary and a lot of the dances we have this time are upbeat and jazz, that’s what I’m excited about. I’m hoping it gets the crowd energized. We have a lot of say in the tour, which is really nice, because we’re not used to that.”

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