This is fame! Breakout star Chrissy Metz is admittedly starstruck over the attention she’s received from her famous fans over her hit show, This Is Us. The NBC drama was an instant success last year and has been nominated for a whopping 11 Emmy Awards including a nom for Chrissy in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category. And now, Chrissy is getting real with Life & Style about what newfound fame has really been like.

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“People that you’ve revered for so long are into [your work], and you’re like, ‘OK, maybe I do know what I’m doing,'” she exclusively tells Life & Style. “I really love Regina King. For her to [tell me she’s] such a big fan of my work and of the show, I’m like ‘What?'”

We love to hear that Chrissy has had such a positive reaction from fans after her portrayal of Kate Pearson on the show. Not only is the drama a tear jerker but there’s also an element of mystery which leaves viewers asking: “What’s going to happen next?”

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“We presented [at an event] and she was like, ‘I can’t wait until the second seas! What’s going to go on?'” she says of meeting The Handmaid’s Tale star Elisabeth Moss.

It’s not just fame she’s getting used to either… the actress is also benefiting from the perks of success. After years of having roommates, “I have my own apartment,” she reveals. She and her This Is Us cameraman boyfriend Josh Stancil like to relax at home together. “By the time I’m done working… I want to be in my jams jamming on the couch.” Same Chrissy, same.

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