What a voice! Chrissy Metz gave an amazing performance of “I’m Standing With You” from the Breakthrough soundtrack at the 2020 Oscars on Sunday, February 9. The 39-year-old was accompanied by a choir on the Academy Awards stage, giving the audience an unforgettable and moving performance.

Chrissy has been in the industry for a while now, which means she’s figured out what helps her stay at ease when the anxiety and fears of being in the spotlight become too much for her. “I meditate, I pray, I journal, I reach out to friends, I just make sure I let my feelings known,” the This Is Us star exclusively told Life & Style in October 2019.  “There’s such a taboo with that because you’re like, no I don’t want to feel weak. I don’t want to appear that I don’t have it all together, but I don’t think any of us have it together. Right? We all need each other to get it together and that’s the beauty of just being honest.”

Chrissy Metz
Rob Latour/Shutterstock

It’s all about celebrating every win — even the ones that might not seem so big. For instance, Chrissy says simply being in attendance is a major deal. “I am most proud of just suiting up and showing up because it’s not easy,” the actress divulged. “People see these grand award shows or red carpet events and people don’t know what happened an hour before they put on the dress. Or, the morning they are about to go to work, and they have to be in a very emotional place for 12 hours and what’s going on internally and personally — so just getting past the fear or anxiety or whatever it is we’re going through.”

Though Chrissy has her struggles, she is confident that she was meant to be an entertainer. “I don’t know if I knew I’d be here, I thought that I was sensitive and empathic and emotional for a reason. I just didn’t know how that was going to be,” the brunette beauty said. “I didn’t know it would be this. I thought that I would tell stories of some sort. I didn’t know it would be on TV.” You go, girl!