Can Chrissy Metz really sing? The This Is Us star has a new storyline in Season 2 of the hit NBC drama. Her character — Kate Pearson — is pursuing a singing career following in the footsteps of her onscreen mother Rebecca Pearson (played by real-life singer Mandy Moore) — and that’s really her singing on the show!

“I mean… Like Kate, I never really was encouraged to sing but always wanted to so,” Chrissy said at Variety’s TV Summit. “It’s like my dreams are really coming true and to potentially sing with my [TV] mom Mandy Moore would be incredible. That would be incredible and I think music is such a beautiful art form and it’s so healing.”

Ahead of the release of the new season, Chrissy teased what kind of music she would be singing. “I think she’s got a little soul in her. She likes some throwback, Motown stuff,” Chrissy told TV Guide. “I know for me, I love every genre of music. I’m excited to see where they’re going to go with it.” And, obviously, TV fiancé Toby (played by Chris Sullivan) is completely supportive of her career change. “I think it’s great,” she added. “I think [Toby] responds very well when she says what she wants and goes after it.”

And it turns out that Chrissy definitely didn’t need any extra voice lessons before she sang this season. She already has a great voice (think Adele!) and we can’t wait for her to show it off on the show. But, if you’re hoping for some duets this season… think again. “It would start to get pretty ridiculous if everyone on the show starts singing,” Chris continued. “I know we can, but it would end up being some kind of Partridge Family situation.” We mean, we’re not opposed!

Watch Chrissy in this video below showing off her vocal chops!