With each passing episode of This Is Us on Tuesday nights, fans just want to know how Pearson patriarch Jack dies. But this week, viewers had to reacquaint themselves with the other man in Rebecca’s life: Miguel, played by Jon Huertas.

So who exactly is Miguel? Well, here’s what we know. The silver-haired fox is married to Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in present day, though we haven’t been told exactly when they tied the knot. We’ve also seen that Miguel was Jack’s good friend and co-worker back when he was married to Rebecca.

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Miguel, Jack, Rebecca, and Shelly.

They were so close, in fact, that Miguel served as best man at their wedding, and Jack planned to crash on his pal’s couch after his huge fight with Rebecca — which we saw play out at the end of last season (though, spoiler alert, the couple made up during the Sept. 26 premiere).

We were also told last season that Miguel has two children with his first wife Shelly, but they got divorced while Jack was still alive. And though we haven’t seen a whole lot of him, it’s clear that it hasn’t been easy for the Pearson kids — aka Kevin, Kate, and Randall — to accept him as their stepfather. Kevin, in particular, gets annoyed by everything Miguel has to say.

As for how Rebecca and Miguel wind up together, Jon has said, “Miguel has never had feelings for Rebecca in that way in the past. Miguel is not jealous or envious of Jack having Rebecca, he’s envious of what they have because he doesn’t have that with Shelly… Miguel knows what Rebecca has done to improve Jack’s life and his being. He would never have feelings for Rebecca like that in the past.” We can’t wait to see how the pieces of this puzzle fall together!