All we want for Christmas is more funny Chrissy Teigen videos! The queen of humor recently made us all LOL with the latest clip she posted to Instagram. While the model has made a career out of looking good for the camera, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t sometimes have unplanned clumsy moments as well. And when she does, she’s a good sport about them! Watch the video below to see why fans are laughing at Chrissy’s latest video!

Oh, my gosh — we can’t even deny that this had us cracking up. But, we’re sure Chrissy is okay because of her comedic reaction and the fact that she posted it on social media. No damage was done to her or the baby. The video already has over four million views and three thousand comments — so, her fans definitely got a laugh from it too!

One follower wrote, “I’m so dead bc why was she so dramatic??? .” While another added, “This gets funnier every time I watch it ? .” We love that Chrissy doesn’t take herself too seriously and is able to have a good laugh (even when it’s at her own expense). We hope to see more funny videos from her especially as she gets further along in her pregnancy!