We bet Luna Stephens can tell you how to get to Sesame Street! Chrissy Teigen and John Legend‘s one-year-old just proved (once again) that she is the cutest celebrity baby out there. The little one showed her glee over playing with her first toy Elmo that talked.

We all know how much Chrissy loves posting about her daughter. And honestly, fans love seeing the inner life of little Luna. She seems to already have as much personality as her momma — and that’s saying something! Watch the video below to see her adorable reaction!

Chrissy’s followers can’t get enough of Luna. One fan wrote, “All the kiddies love Elmo. I swear every kid goes through this phase. Too cute.” Another added, “So presh. I love how she straight snatched him from you lol.”

And this isn’t the first time Luna got up close and personal with her buddy, Elmo. Last year, John made a video with the cast of Sesame Street to surprise the little girl. Of course, it wasn’t until months later that she was old enough to appreciate her dad’s kind gesture. And judging from the joy that spread across her face when watching she really got a kick out of it! John captioned the original video, “One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today.”

So basically, our take away from these videos is that Luna is the cutest baby to have ever lived and that Chrissy and John are the coolest parents ever. Seriously if they are already so intent on making her Elmo loving dreams come true then we wonder what they’ll have in store for her when she gets a little older. We hope it’s something good because we could listen to her giggle for _all+. day